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MyWeb briefly

LabWeb and MyWeb are visible parts of the LabSciNet information system. In particular, MyWeb collects your data via a simple interface, classifies them employing all available relations between them and then turns them instantly into your personal professional web site (home page).

LabSciNet provides 1) multiuser MyWeb that accepts and creates a predefined number of personal homepages or 2) single user MyWeb that accepts and creates a web site for a single researcher. In the former case, similarly as LabWeb, MyWeb accepts any European language and can run on a LabSciNet server or on the servers of your institution, according to your choice. In the latter case, the language of your MyWeb personal home page must be English, and your personal web site has to be hosted on a LabSciNet server. Adaptation of a single user MyWeb to another European language is possible modulo an extra cost.

The basic software package of MyWeb that you can try and test through the MyWeb demo versions contains and treats most of universal issues and items that are common to all researchers independently of their disciplines. You are free and encouraged to ask for additional specific modules and to define supplementary functionalities customized to your discipline or institute. We shall be happy to develop and integrate these new modules into the existing LabSciNet version at a small extra cost. LabSciNet grows and improves through permanent interaction and exchange of ideas with the scientific community and active researchers. The final version of your MyWeb and all its functionalities thus depend solely on your needs and imagination. It is our job to find adequate technical solutions.